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At DoctorsRx Medical Centers, our Certified Medical Marijuana Doctors and Specialists are well versed in the Amendment 2 and Compassionate Use Laws to provide compassionate medical care for patients seeking their Medical Marijuana Card in Florida. We hold your hand throughout the process from A to Z.  We take the worry out of the process as WE WILL REQUEST YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS FOR YOU.   With a free consultation to see if you are qualified and Doctor consultations starting from AS LOW AS $89 and APPOINTMENTS WITHIN 24 HOURS, we provide fast, affordable care to help you get your Medical Marijuana Card as quickly as possible with the correct medical legal documentation at one of our 21 convenient locations all across Florida with one near you.

Our Programs

Pay As You Go

For budget conscious patients or patients wanting to give Medical Marijuana a try for their condition(s).

Annual VIP Program

For patients who want to save a lot of money and want complete flexibility with a “Whatever I need, whenever I need it” VIP level of service.

Veterans Program

Discounts to honor our Veterans

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